6 Reasons You Need a Hammam Towel

At Hammam & Home, we are keen to let you know why we love what we do. So we’ve come up with just a few of the many reasons why we know you’ll love our towels. Practical, versatile and stylish in any situation, these timeless textiles are the perfect lifestyle accessory.

1. More than just a towel

So yes, first and foremost the turkish hammam towel is, as the name suggests; a towel. But what else can we use them for? The list really is non-exhaustive. This versatile little piece can double up as a beach sarong, a stylish scarf or summer wrap, a bed or sofa blanket, a pretty and practical tablecloth, a snuggly shawl for babies, a yoga blanket or picnic rug (shall we go on?).

Blue turkish towel used as a pretty cotton tablecloth

2. Soft, soft, soft

The amazing thing about our towels is that they behave in the exact opposite way to the traditional terry towels we usually have in our homes. How many times have you replaced those cardboard-like old towels in your bathroom that no longer resemble the expensive, plush fluffy towels you once bought? It’s all in the way they’re loomed, as turkish towels are flat-woven, they will become softer, suppler and more absorbent every time you wash them. 

Small kitten sat with tasselled turkish towels

3. The “take-me-everywhere” towel

We know we might be biased, but we think you should never go anywhere without a hammam towel. Seriously. There’s always one hiding out in the car, ready for impromptu picnics on the beach, or in our tote-bags for when the temperature drops and we need to quickly throw on a scarf. With a turkish towel, you’re ready to pack, wrap and roll, as they are so compact and lightweight you can just pop into your luggage.

Turkish towels are ideal for your beach bag

4. All the style AND the substance

So we know turkish towels are super practical and versatile, but let’s not forget just how beautiful they are. Regularly featured in interior design magazines and online publications, the humble hammam towel has received a lot of attention in the world of interiors in recent years. And their amazing benefits and unique features mean that they are part of one trend that won’t have had it’s day anytime soon.

stylish turkish towels in magazines

5. Keeping traditions alive

At Hammam & Home, we craft our towels using traditional hand-loomed weaving techniques. Buying one of our towels means you are helping to maintain a small, weaving culture which has existed in the South of Turkey for centuries.

Turkish towels are hand-loomed using ancient weaving techniques

6. Go “eco”

Because they are so compact and lightweight, our turkish towels are far more eco-friendly than traditional bath and beach towels. They air-dry in no time, reducing the need for machine drying and their comparatively low weight means they have less impact on transportation. So you’ll not only be the coolest person at the beach, you’ll be the kindest too.

Pale blush pink turkish towel at the beach



  • Tracy

    Hi there,
    I have just made my first order from your beautiful website, and can’t wait to receive my first parcel. I am quite sure that I will be ordering more, as I can’t think of a better gift for friends, family and colleagues. Good luck with this lovely new business.

  • Hammam & Home

    Thanks Caroline! So kind of you to comment on here and glad you like the website. Best wishes – Olivia, Hammam & Home

  • Caroline

    Just wanted to say how much I love your website! It is so well layout and thoughtfully designed. Not to mention the beautiful styling and inspiration!
    I’m sure you will fly with it, and I will enjoy following your progress!

  • Hammam & Home

    Hi Bill, thanks so much for your lovely comment! – Olivia, Hammam & Home

  • Bill Gilman

    Just love what I read!

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