The History of The Hammam Towel

Every time we visit the talented team who masterfully create our turkish towels and blankets, we get to know a little more about these timeless pieces and the historical and cultural connections they hold. It's an honour to learn from such knowledgeable people, and so we thought we'd share with you some of the things we've learnt from our time with them. Hammam towels (also known as Pestemals) are the authentic Turkish bath towels. They are flat-woven and hand-loomed by skilled artisans using ancient techniques passed down through families for generations. The home of the hammam towel is in the Aegean region of Turkey, and its roots date back to the second century B.C. The small villages that make up this ancient area are still responsible for producing many of Turkeys’ hammam towels today.

Old traditional hand-looms for making turkish towels
The reason we call them hammam towels is due to their use in the iconic Turkish bath experience. They were originally used to cover the body whilst in the Hammam, as well as being used as towels to dry off afterwards. Today, the humble hammam towel has stood the test of time and continues to be used worldwide, and not only in the traditional way. Practically weightless and super fast-drying, the versatility of these towels means that they are ideal for the beach, bath, travelling, and almost everywhere else in between.
Skilled artisan weavers creating turkish towels in Turkey
We are proud to work alongside a small, family-run team of skilled artisans to create the highest quality turkish towels, combining traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary eye for style and design. We use only the finest 100% Aegean cotton, which has extra long and strong fibres, to ensure your towels are beautifully soft and made to last. 
Hand-tying tassels of the turkish towels
Rows of cotton reels for the turkish hand-looms
Checking the quality of the turkish towels in the looms
Skill and craftsmanship in creating hand-woven luxury hammam towels

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