How to care for your turkish towels

We want to make sure that you get the best out of your Hammam & Home products, so here are our easy solutions for keeping your turkish towels in tip-top condition for years to come.

For the first time: 

Before using for the first time, we recommend that you soak your hammam towel in cold water overnight before machine washing at 30°C and air-drying (warm tumble drying is also fine, but be careful to not over dry). By doing so, you’ll actually train the cotton fibres to become more absorbent while also making the towel even softer in the process.

Say no to softener:

There’s no need for fabric softener, in fact, we recommend staying away from softeners as they actually reduce the absorbency of our towels. To keep your towels super soft, add a splash of white household vinegar to a rinse cycle from time to time. You will find your Hammam & Home towels become even softer with every wash.

Pulling a thread:

Our towels are flat-woven, so if you pull a thread, simply cut off the pulled loop with scissors. Your towel will not be damaged or unravel.